Staff Toolkit for COVID-19

Our priority is the staff and residents remain safe.  We want to make sure staff have the resources to protect themselves and residents from this virus.

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure (based on the incubation period of MERS-CoV viruses).

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath

CHCS Practices for Employees

  • All employees are required to wear their CHCS ID badges at all times. 

    • ID Badge will prove your and Essential Worker.

  • As part of routine practice, ask HCP (including consultant personnel) to regularly monitor themselves for fever and symptoms of respiratory infection.

    • Remind HCP to stay home when they are ill.

    • If HCP develop fever or symptoms of respiratory infection while at work, they should immediately put on a facemask, inform their supervisor.

    • Consult occupational health on decisions about further evaluation and return to work.

  • Screen all HCP at the beginning of their shift for fever(99.9+) and respiratory symptoms.

    • Actively take their temperature and document absence of shortness of breath, new or change in cough, and sore throat. If they are ill, have them put on a facemask and leave the workplace.

    • HCP who work in multiple locations may pose higher risk and should be asked about exposure to facilities with recognized COVID-19 cases.

  • Restrict nonessential healthcare personnel (including consultant personnel) from entering the building.

  • Cancel communal dining and all group activities, such as internal and external group activities. 

  • Implement active screening of residents and staff for fever and respiratory symptoms. See Paperwork at house.

  • Remind residents to practice social distancing and perform frequent hand hygiene. 

  • 3/27/2020- New tiers were developed to priority test health care workers and Long term care residents in WSLH OR MHDL.

  • 4/3/2020 CDC approved use of cloth masks for use in public for all individuals. We will be making and providing homemade cloth masks to all employees for use while at work in the next few days.

WI DHS COVID 19 Information Page

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