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Creative Health Care Solutions is a leader in the provision of residential services for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, brain injuries, other cognitive disabilities and physical disabilities. Our facilities are located in Waukesha County and Southwest Milwaukee County in the State of Wisconsin.


Creative Health Care Solutions, Inc. has a commitment to serving people with cognitive and physical disabilities in the community by providing supportive services, offering assistance in daily activities, living skills, healthcare coordination, supervision and support. These small residential settings are designed to make connections with community services, health resources, recreational resources and opportunities for people to achieve and grow to be more independent.

Our Mission


Our mission is to maintain the highest quality residential support services to individuals living with the effects of developmental disabilities, persistent mental illness, brain injury, and physical disabilities or other neurological conditions. Navigating through this world offers particular challenges to a person with disabilities that they may not be prepared for. Our purpose is to assist those with developmental needs, behavioral challenges, and physical challenges so they may more fully participate in their communities and have the opportunity for a fulfilling life.


A component of our services is an emphasis on serving individuals who have not been successful in community living with past unsuccessful residential placements due to behavioral dis-regulation, and/or due to other obstacles in their community adjustment. We believe that everyone is entitled to a life that offers emotional well-being, that allows acceptance of the person as a unique individual, and fosters health and community inclusion.


Creative Health Care Solutions provides residential living in adult family homes, supervised living programs, supportive home care, and respite care. We offer specialized services, individualized hourly supports in the home or community, personal care, and support services for people with complex medical issues.

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